How do Owners/Managers list their property on this site ?

  Right now I am trying to maintain this site myself ,and it probably shows it :-)

I am far from a tech wizard and am stumbling along the best I can.  It is costing me a little bit of money and a lot of time but I am trying to keep it free for now.  I do expect if this starts becoming to much for me that I will have to start charging something and hire a professional webmaster. Since I started the site it has been averaging about 400 hits a month.  I have no idea if that is resulting in bookings for anyone since all the site really does, if a potential guest lands here, is refer them directly to the owner or their property manager for the unit in which they are interested.

   If you are an owner or property manager that manages a vacation rental unit in a high rise Condo in Panama City Beach FL you are eligible to list on this site.   

​If you sign up with or some other vacation rental software sites you will be able to display your calendar, book online as well as be listed on their website.  It costs some money but I think it will be worth it

​as we move towards "listing site, independence.  Check out

​Ocean Ritz 1401, Splash 1502W and Mariner West 408

to see how it works.


If you want me to list your vacation rental unit:

1. Look at  some of the unit listings to get a feel for what it is all about.  This site primarily acts as a portal to your main web presences although if you sign up with IVOL it could evolve into all you need.   It can contain as many links as you want to your units other pages like ECBYO, VRBO, tripadvisor etc.  The main purpose of this site is to ensure guests have your unfiltered complete contact information in a forum that protect guests from predatory corporate pricing and emphasizes the advantages of "booking direct" for travelers to PCB.   You only get one page. Remember there is a link on your page to your listing site(s) that should already contain all the information the potential guest needs.  There is also a separate page with information about the resort your unit is in. It should not be necessary for you to go into great detail about your unit or your resorts amenities on your page.  If your resort isn't listed yet please include pictures and description of your resort and its amenities and I will make a page for it as well.

2. Send Pictures, Links, descriptions and owner contact information to me at   

3. I will make a page for you as quickly as I get around to it :-)


Mark Wrinn

334 714 0232


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