Door Code for the  Exercise/Sauna room and pool bathrooms is a 4-digit number = to this month and the current year i.e. In July 2018, the code is 0718.

Free WIFI is provided throughout the Ocean Ritz resort and adjacent Beach.  Select the WIFI network with the strongest signal near you that begins with ORZ #### and use password 8779121550 The strongest signal may not be from the unit you are in.  

RICE and GREASE clog up the building’s plumbing if poured down drains or toilets.  Please don’t 

The lights on the balcony are intentionally very dim.  Please do not place brighter bulbs in them.  Bright lights interfere with the successful nesting of Sea Turtles and may result in fines of $100/Day.

​You are welcome to use the Ocean Ritz  Grills and Picnic area on P1 adjacent to the pool.  Please clean up after yourself.

​Please use our rinse off stations on our dune walkover and pool deck before using the pool, hot tub or returning to your unit.  Dry off before using elevators to prevent slipping hazard.