The following rules and regulations have been adopted by the Ocean Ritz (OR) Owners ' Association and are designed to ensure that all unit owners, guests and renters have a safe and pleasant stay at our resort. Everyone on the property is expected to comply with these rules and regulations.

PARKING         (All vehicles parked on OR property must display proper parking Passes)

·         Only park in assigned spaces and display a unit unique parking pass designated for that space.  From the last Saturday in May until the second Saturday in August one extra vehicle per unit is allowed in unassigned parking spots in our overflow lot on a first come/first served basis.   At all other times, unassigned parking in overflow is first come/first served.   Additional and oversize vehicle parking is available in the Churchwell city lot for $5/day or free if displaying an annual city parking pass provided by many owners.

[*]        All vehicles parked on Ocean Ritz (OR) property must clearly display a unit unique parking pass or HOA issued owner parking sticker.  Multiple Motorcycles may occupy a single parking spot providing at least one is displaying a proper parking pass and they do not impede access to adjacent spots.

[*]        Rental guests should obtain unit unique parking passes from whomever manages the unit they are renting.  Owner parking stickers are available from the HOA at no charge

[*]        Noncompliant vehicles will be towed at the expense of the vehicle's owner.  If the vehicles operator’s information is clearly displayed on the parking pass, security will attempt to contact them before towing.

[*]        There are 3 1st come 1st served handicapped parking spots at OR. Both OR parking pass and proper state issued documentation must be displayed if using these spots.

[*]        Oversize vehicles, trailers may NOT park on condominium property.  4-wheel rental carts are allowed when displaying proper parking passes.

[*]        Rental scooters, skate boards and skates may not be used anywhere on Ocean Ritz Property

[*]        Car top carriers prohibited in parking garage.  They will not fit and may damage building plumbing. 


[*]        Pool Hours are 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Quiet hours are from 10PM to 10AM

[*]        Everyone who uses OR facilities and common areas are expected to respect the rights of others, take care not to damage or litter the property and comply with all signage. Clean as you go !

[*]        Rental guests may not extend the privilege of using OR facilities to others.

[*]         Wristbands must be with you at all times when using OR facilities

[*]         There is NO lifeguard on duty; swim at your own risk

[*]         Please retract beach umbrellas on pool deck when you are through using them

[*]         Everyone must shower before entering the pool, spa and sauna.

[*]        Removal of equipment/furniture from our pool deck is prohibited.

[*]        You are welcome to use the grills in our picnic area but please clean up after yourself 

SMOKING/VAPING is not allowed in pool area, elevators, hallways and elevator lobbies.  Unit smoking policies established by individual owners 

Illicit Drugs and Alcohol:  The apparent presence of illicit drugs or underage consumption of alcohol will be reported to PCB police for investigation 


[*]        Throwing anything from balconies is a Class 2 FELONY Violators face prosecution and/or eviction.

[*]        Throwing, pouring, sweeping or shaking any item from the balcony is strictly prohibited. This includes cigarette butts.
The use of Charcoal or gas grills balconies is prohibited.  Owner provided electric grills are allowed.

[*]        DO NOT wash off balconies with water hose, they may be mopped.

[*]        Balconies may not be used to hang garments and/or towels out to dry.

[*]        DO NOT feed birds from the balcony, Florida State Law prohibits this action



[*]        Elevators have sensors that will stop them between floors if the weight limit is exceeded or passengers are jumping.   It is recommended that no more than 8 adults occupy an elevator at one time.  It may take 30 minutes or longer for rescue service personnel to arrive and violators identified by on-board cameras may be charged for the emergency service call.

[*]        Please dry off before entering elevators.  Wet floors present a slipping hazard.

[*]        Please do not allow children to play in the elevators or stairwells.

[*]        Stairwells may not be used for storage. 

OUIET TIME is from 10:00 pm to 10:00 am 

[*]        Any noise that can be heard outside of your unit will be considered a violation of quiet time.

[*]        The PCB Police Department and /or Ocean Ritz Security are used to enforce this policy 


[*]        Return carts to level PI or P2 after each use.

[*]        DO NOT take luggage carts into your unit.

[*]        No horseplay on carts. 


[*]        Only owners are allowed to have pets on the property

[*]        Pets must be kept under control at all times.  A pet that becomes a nuisance or a danger to others or to others' pets may be removed from the property at the owner's expense.

[*]        Owners are responsible for disposing of pet waste and may be fined for failure to do so.

[*]        Pets are not allowed in the pool and spa areas 

OCCUPANCY LIMITS are established by Bay County and Florida statute and individual owner’s policies


[*]        Please pick up after yourself do not leave trash on pool deck, parking areas, hallways or elevators.

[*]        Unit trash should be bagged, securely tied and be deposited in the trash chutes on each floor.

[*]        Oversized trash not properly bagged must be put in the dumpsters in the front of the building

[*]        Construction and/or packing materials of any kind must be removed by the vendor and taken off the property. DO NOT place this material in the Association dumpsters.

[*]        Do not put tile and other heavy construction material in trash chutes it damages them and presents a hazard to personnel.  Individuals in violation may face fines and be liable for cost of repairs. 



Violators are Subject to Eviction and/or Fine